Favourite Autumn Jewellery: Pearl

Autumn is coming. Are you obsessing over your fall wardrobe? I definitely am. Autumn jewellery is all about pretty rose gold rings and pearl necklaces. Pearls are considered to be the oldest known gems and are one of my favourite stones in the world of jewellery.


For centuries pearls were believed to be the most valuable stone, due to how magical they look. They also used to only be owned by those who were most wealthy in ancient Rome. The gift of pearls is seen as incredibly meaningful and as a gift of love.

Nowadays, pearls are associated with weddings – possibly due to their beauty and also due to royalty, who especially wear pearls at weddings. I usually see pearl jewellery on stalls at local markets.

Pearls are perfect to match with your fall wardrobe because of their immaculate and perfect look. Pearls are excellent for wearing with white and cream in Autumn. In all honesty, pearls are so versatile – you can pair them with almost any outfit and other vintage jewellery. You could also transform your look by pairing your Autumn Jewellery (especially pearls) with work-wear.

Personally, I love pearls. I’d happily wear them all-year-round if I actually remembered to put jewellery on. It can be hard to find a staple stone to have as a part of your Autumn jewellery collection, but pearls are definitely a go-to if you’re going for a very natural look.

What do you think of pearls? Love them or hate them?



Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Berganza. All opinions and thoughts are genuinely my own.

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