Dream Home Improvements

Home improvements and interiors is something which I can only do on a small scale at the moment. I currently live in a city centre apartment with my boyfriend and I do love our flat. I like being based in town and having a balcony to sit on. However, I do miss living in a house sometimes. When I do own my own house, I want to have it just how I imagine it will be. This can be done via home improvements, some are much more work than others!


Transform a multi-functional room

In my current apartment, we have an open plan kitchen, dining and living area. When we moved in I didn’t really think about creating different zones as such, it just happened quite naturally. If I had “spare” money, I would definitely re-do the area focusing on colours so that the zones are more obvious. This can also be done by using rugs, thinking about placement on walls, adding certain lighting to compliment the area and overall, considering the placement of your furniture.


Converting a loft

In the future, when I do own my own home, I would love to have this done if I bought a home with enough space. Loft conversations can create a great additional bedroom or a cosy office space. Loft conversions aren’t something you can do yourself as a DIY project, you will need to seek help from a professional. This is important as they will also be aware of fire regulations, issues with planning permission, etc.


Kitchen renovation

A kitchen remodel is one of my dream projects. This is because I’d love to have a gorgeous modern kitchen, with delightfully elegant chevron floors which have the ability to be timeless. I’d also adore having an island (space permitting), styled with pendants hanging over the island to create a wonderful focal point.


Scent can completely change your home

It’s actually easy to transform your home completely with quite a minimal change, by using scented candles. Everyone has their favourite brand(s), but mine has got to be Yankee Candle. By using different smells, you can elevate a space completely. Of course, you can also use incense, diffusers or flowers. By having a certain smell, you can create a specific mood or ambiance within a space.


Outside alterations

For outdoor home improvements, I would give the windows a modern makeover with replacement sash windows and additionally, I would love to revive the front door. Either by purchasing a new door altogether or if money is tight, a more affordable option could be to put a fresh lick of paint on your current door.


Now I’ve done all this planning, I just need to actually buy my own home – which is a little while away! But a woman can dream. Maybe I’ll win the lottery haha. I can’t wait to be a home owner and make my home my own.

What dream home improvements would you make? Whether you own your home or are renting (therefore dreaming) like I am! Let me know in the comments.


Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Three Counties Ltd.

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