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When the UK weather is as miserable as it usually is in January, I find myself thinking about my dream holiday destinations and how nice it would be to be relaxing on vacation. Even though I love the UK, travelling to other countries is great and it’s wonderful experiencing the world around you. Whether it’s somewhere which is only a car rid away, a short flight or a longer international flight, it’s always fun to discover somewhere new. I could probably go on forever listing my dream holiday destinations, but I’ve tried to narrow my list down to logical places where I may have the opportunity to visit in the near future.


I would absolutely love to visit some of the beautiful national and state parks in Utah. Every so often I enjoy browsing the internet looking at stunning rental homes in Utah, as staying in one of these would be an incredible experience. Even though I’m not exactly a ski holiday kind of person, I would love to try staying on a ski resort at least once as I think it would be brilliant, surrounded by Utah’s beautiful mountains. Then at least I can also say I’ve tried it!



Visiting Iceland would honestly be a dream come true. The aurora borealis is something which I have wanted to tick off my list, as the experience will be truly magical. Visiting their outdoor spas and seeing the beautiful landscapes sounds like my kind of trip. I would really love to see the incredible waterfalls, spectacular views and unique experiences such as the ice beach, all of which Iceland has to offer. Hopefully I will be able to visit Iceland in the next couple of years, I just need to start saving up in advance.


Disney World Florida

Having never travelled to the US, this would be a dream come true for me. I am such a massive Disney fan and I will find any excuse to visit Disney Land Paris over and over again if I can. This must be on the wish list for any Disney fans dream holiday destinations. To be honest, I would happily visit every Disney park in the world if I could. Even as an adult, the whole experience of visiting one of the Disney theme park is an incredible experience and it’s different (good different) visiting as an adult, after you’ve visited in your childhood.



Hawaii is well known for its variety of landscapes, including the mountain ranges, volcanoes, waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, wonderful wildlife and so much more. If I could visit every single island, which is possible according to what I’ve read online, it would definitely be something I’d try do. Whether you want to relax on the beach or do some fun activities, Hawaii has something to offer for everyone.


Las Vegas

Another dream destination of mine which is located in the US, Las Vegas. Also known as Vegas, this place caters to those with a variety of interests. There are so many exciting and varied activities and things to do in Vegas, plus flights there can be relatively cheap. Actually getting to Las Vegas can be the least expensive part of going on a trip there. Just remember to limit your gambling, as you don’t want to blow your budget by throwing unlimited amounts of money at the table. If you are on a budget, there are plenty of free/low cost attractions around Las Vegas. It will just require a little internet research beforehand.



Italy is one of those holiday destinations which I have looked into on multiple occasions, but I know when the time is right, I will be able to travel there. Summer in Italy is generally June – August, there are so many festivals which take place across Italy during the summer months. If you’d rather avoid the heat, Autumn is usually September – November. The fall months are gorgeous and there are plenty of food and wine festivals to keep you occupied. There are plenty of places in Italy which I would love to visit, perhaps a road trip would be a good idea.


New Zealand

Any photos I see of other peoples trips to New Zealand always look incredible, as it seems to be such a stunning place to visit and live in. With the beautiful beaches, amazing wild life, exciting experiences, and so much more which NZ has to offer, I can how it is not only attractive for vacations, but also attracts many who are wanting to emigrate. New Zealand just seems to be absolutely breath-taking, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say they personally didn’t enjoy their trip/travelling to NZ.



If money was no object, or unlimited, and I could go anywhere in the world without having to worry about the cost, this would be my ultimate dream beach destination. After all, it was good enough for Kate and Will’s royal honeymoon. This postcard-worthy spot has villas which offer private infinity pools, soaking tubs and outdoor showers, all of which are overlooking the beautiful ocean. The Seychelles islands travel website includes a variety of great and interesting information, which is well worth a read if you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit.


Growing up, I was very lucky to go on family holidays and see wonderful places around the world such as France, Spain, Tunisia, Portugal, Turkey and Cyprus. If like me, you are UK based, sometimes travelling outside of Europe isn’t always do-able due to a variety of reasons. There are so many beautiful and exciting destinations in Europe which can also be affordable. Over the past couple of years, I’ve visited Amsterdam a bunch of times as it is a short flight/journey and affordable, with plenty to do and see. It would be so wonderful to experience some new places, though, especially the amazing dream destinations I’ve listed above.

Have you visited any of these on my list? What are your dream holiday destinations? Let me know in the comments below!


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