The Ultimate Wish List For Every Disney Fan


Earlier this year, I went back to Disney Land Paris as an adult for the first time. It was such a different experience to when I was young, but it was still so incredible. I’ve always been a huge Disney lover and I’m completely obsessed. I could talk about anything related forever as it’s one of my favourite brands, ever.



Black Milk Clothing The Little Mermaid/Seawitch Inside Out Dress

Black Milk Clothing is one of my favourite clothing brands, who released a variety of clothes including this Little Mermaid vs Seawitch Inside Out Dress. I’d hoped it would have arrived before I visited Paris but I’ve still managed to wear it out on a variety of occasions. I absolutely love the dress and how vibrant the colours are.



Chip Mug from DLP

I’d previously seen the chip mugs all over the internet, before I visited Paris earlier this year. When I spotted one in one of the shops, I just had to get one. Primark have now also got one available in their Beauty and The Beast range, which I am urgently searching for.





Beauty Sleep PJ Set

I absolutely adore this bed time set which I spotted on Love The Sales and is available to buy via ASOS for the sale price of £20. Total bargain and these are so adorable!



101 Dalmatians x Cath Kidston

When the 101 Dalmatians x Cath Kidston collection dropped, I was super excited. I could have honestly treated myself to every single item in the collection. I absolutely love my mug and the socks are so comfy. I wear my ID tag for work every day.


A Share Of The Walt Disney Company

I’d honestly say this is the ultimate gift for any Disney fan. It’s a publicly traded company, which means you could buy a share of stock for someone.


What would be on your dream Disney-themed wish list? Let me know in the comments.


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