Details That Will Give Your Classic Wedding A Modern Makeover

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One of the trickiest parts of planning a wedding these days is trying to balance the kind of traditions that will make your big day look absolutely timeless, but without it feeling out of date, off-trend or a bit old-fashioned. It’s not easy, even with Pinterest at your fingertips (as your current count of 3,982 pins would suggest).

Of course, there are some classic mainstays that will never be out of vogue, such as a lace wedding gown and a band that knows when and how to drop those big hits from the noughties in (yeah, a wedding isn’t complete until Rihanna’s Umbrella and The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” has been belted out).

However, there are some newer trends that are so magical they may well pass the test of time and break into the private members club of wedding classics one day. So, to keep ahead of the curve and bring a spot of contemporary “wow” to your otherwise elegant wedding, read our list of top wedding trends and give your classic look a modern makeover.



  1. Invitations With Some Imagination

You may not have realised it just yet, but your invitations serve a massive role; they’re the very first detail to get your guests excited about the celebrations ahead, and modern wedding invitations really do know how to stand out. To give you some idea of what’s hot right now, we’re talking about invites with tailored illustrations that slot nicely into a bright and bold envelopes, we’re talking about invites with foil stamping, invites in the style of scratch cards that reveal the date when scratched at, and even some that are made from plexiglass. Essentially, the invite has become a way of setting the tone of your do, as well as grabbing people’s attention.


  1. Silhouettes That Sparkle

For those that want to embrace the lace but jazz it up a little too, then the latest trend of sparkly gowns – gowns with gold, silver or metallic beading – could be the answer to all your window shopping. Of course, if you slipped into any wedding shows, then you’ll have already known this because they filled the runways. That isn’t the only trend to touch the world of wedding dresses though; ball gowns have made a comeback, as has the effortless dress (the kind that flows with the breeze). The reason for this: the ethereal look is one most brides can’t get enough off, and for good reason too.


  1. Industrial Is Impossibly Chic

Once upon a time, wedding venues were all about traditional spaces that served as the perfect setting for elegance. But, for some many people, these days are long gone. Instead, there has been a huge surge in popularity when it comes to industrial spaces, whether it be empty factories or industrial-looking lofts. People love being able to embrace these character buildings, while also embracing their blank canvas status to make them a little more personal with their reception décor. Ceilings filled with string lights, mismatched ceremony chairs, beautiful flower arrangements and flickering candles; they all allow the bride and grow to be a little cooler, a little edgier, and a little braver too.


  1. Nothing Beats Au Naturel

For some couples, nothing could be more magical than saying “I do” under the twinkle of night time stars. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible (not least because they don’t want to run the risk of a downpour). But that doesn’t mean your dream has to go up in a puff of smoke; all you have to do instead is bring the outside in. Use tables that are made out of natural wood, have place settings that embrace stone and slate and use sapling cuttings in your decorations. Going green really is an unstoppable trend right now. It is that splash of natural, and that look of being slightly undone that really makes a space look beautiful. Another way you can embrace the outdoor vibe is through your bouquets, in which the “bigger is better” trend is definitely enjoying a resurgence right now.


  1. Pick Up A Prop

Not too long ago, a couple had the genius idea of adding a photo booth full of props to the corner of their wedding space, and there birthed a wedding mainstay in the making. Yes, you may have reservations about adding a box full of fancy dress attire because, well, it’s a bit silly. But, trust us, nothing will be more popular than your photo booth. The queue will be perpetual, the photos will be hilarious and you’ll discover that the moustache on a stick and red curly wig combination was a winner. Of course, you don’t have to go down the gimmicky route; you can personalise it and create a theme. You could have a burlap backdrop to give it that rustic feeling or anything you fancy really.


  1. Guest Books With A Twist

You will treasure your guest book more than most items that come and go in your life. It is your chance to remind yourself of who attended your wedding and what they had to say (usually after one or two of your signature cocktails). The problem is, a lot of people a) forget to there is a guestbook or b) don’t know what to write in it, and so they are never as complete as you may have hoped. What you can do to avoid this is add a little encouragement in the form of creativity. Have a table set up with a jar full of popsicle sticks in it and, behind that, have a chalkboard that asks your guests for first date tips, or advice on how to keep the magic alive in your relationship, or anything else that will spur them on a bit. What you’ll find is, you love these answers way more than you could love any generic guest book words. That’s a promise.


As you can see, it is totally possible to sprinkle a little bit of modern magic on an otherwise more classic wedding ceremony. The trick is embracing the teeny-tiny details that make a big day more personal.

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