Dating & Relationship Expectations

The most important relationship you will ever have, is the one with yourself. However, most people want to meet someone and have certain relationship expectations with regards to a potential future partner. The world of modern dating can be daunting, especially because as humans we interact with people and look for relationships in different ways. We all have varied relationship expectations, which are usually shaped by our past experiences – the good and the bad.

Let’s look at the definition: Expectation – “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case.”


Differing relationship expectations can cause confusion when dating someone. As humans, we are all very different and unique, so it isn’t selfish to communicate with your partner about what you both need from each other. During your search, one expectation could be that you want to meet someone who lives in a specific location, so conducting your search via online dating could be useful. Therefore, looking for someone based on their location may be the ideal option for you, e.g. Leeds dating or Suffolk singles. Personally, I’ve been in a long distance relationship where I was cheated on and left broken hearted – so it took me a long time to heal from that experience. They also lied a lot about a variety of things, making them a compulsive liar. In the end, everything they told me ended up being no where near the truth. For this reason, I looked for certain qualities within a potential partner and found this in Kiel (my boyfriend who I now live with). Although there is always a chance of ending up heart broken again, I looked for someone who is honest, committed, someone I could click with and trust. I know that trust was a big deal for Kiel also, due to his past experiences and I now know he wanted to find someone who had similar interests – which we do!

Finding the best dating sites can be quite the task, especially with the awkward task of sorting through the time wasters/people who don’t want the same thing as you. It can be hard to find the right person. A good option can be to search specifically via location such as Lincolnshire dating or Bristol dating. Kiel and I met via Tinder, although we did also have a lot of mutual friends so we actually added each other on Facebook and it went from there. No ones dating experience is generally the same as another persons, so try not to compare your own to others.

Please always remember to be safe when online dating and know your worth. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve and focus on finding someone who you deem worthy. I truly believe that if you are open to finding a genuine connection with someone, you can use dating as an opportunity, rather than seeing it as an obstacle. We need to be more open minded with regards to dating and relationships, especially focusing on communicating with each other.

Do you think you have any core relationship expectations? If you don’t mind sharing them, what are they? Let me know in the comments, as it is very interesting to me.

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