Confessions Of A Nylon Addict: My Collection To Date

I first discovered Black Milk Clothing around July 2012. For months I’d seen a friend of a friend posting photos of her in shiny clothing which she looked awesome in, so I decided to check out the clothing lines website. I didn’t think it was possible, but I suddenly became one of those girls I’d read about on the Facebook page who was obsessed with nylon. A Sharkie.

It wasn’t actually until August 2012 that I bought my first piece when I had some money left over from christmas; I was finally the owner of a piece I’d lusted after for ages, it was Jellyfish leggings of course.


Things have got a little serious since I bought my jellyfish.
I currently own 28 pieces.

  • Wet Look Reversible Skater Dress
  • A Tribe Called White Reversible Skater Dress
  • Galaxy Green Suspenders
  • I Eat Mice Zip Suit
  • Shattered Glass Silver Jacket
  • Haunted House leggings
  • New Matte Black Reverse Suspenders
  • Aurora Skye Neon Purple Leggings – These are a sample I bought from an Australian sharkie, they are beautiful!
  • Galaxy Pink Swimsuit
  • Mafia Black Leggings
  • Mafia Black Jacket
  • Kaboom Suspender Catsuit
  • Terror From The Deep BFT
  • Toxic Electro Blue Bandeau
  • Patronus leggings
  • Bone Machine vs Galaxy Blue Inside Out Dress
  • Jellyfish leggings
  • Lace Shorties
  • Starry Night leggings
  • Galaxy Pearl leggings
  • Mermaid leggings
  • Day Of The Dead leggings
  • Amethyst vs Aurora Skye Inside Out Dress
  • Shattered Glass Charcoal Jacket
  • Shattered Crystal Zip Suit
  • Shattered Crystal Reversible Straps Dress
  • Burned Velvet Maxi Dress
  • Shattered Sapphire Reversible Straps Dress


My collection may seem like a lot, but believe me when I tell you that there are Sharkies out there who own close to, if not over, 200 pieces!


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