Clever Tips To Protect Your Freelance Income

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As freelancers, there are so many positives and negatives such as work freedom and also financial implications. Protecting your freelance income is important because even though we don’t necessarily like to think about things going wrong, it’s important that we do think ahead and plan for these possible scenarios. Of course, the positives usually outweigh the negatives with regards to freelancing but your income may not always be stable. If you’re interested in protecting your freelance income, take a look at the following tips:


Monitor your outgoings

When working freelance it may not be a great idea to have too many outgoings, so it could be a good idea to look at these and identify outgoings which aren’t absolutely necessary e.g. subscriptions. By monitoring your outgoings, you can keep a close eye on your financial situation. Through banking apps such as Monzo, you can set spending budgets and monitor exactly what you are spending your money on. You can sign up to Monzo using this link, and we will both receive £5 when you do your first transaction with your Monzo card.



There are some great insurance resources and tools available online such as Money Expert life insurance products. The good thing is you can save time on research by using a price comparison site, to identify the best insurance plan for you and your situation. Should the worst happen, you want to ensure your family are protected and you can sometimes get plans in which they are bundled together. Knowing you have something in place can give you extra peace of mind, which will ultimately help with reducing the mental and financial pressure on yourself.


Returning clients

Don’t take your clients for granted (not that you would) and do what you can to maintain a positive working relationship. Once you’ve worked with a client, you may impress them so much that you manage to retain them as a client which means you’ll have regular work coming in, thus meaning you can plan ahead financially and monitor your freelance income. An additional tip could be to try gain longer-term contracts e.g. for six months, which will also help to ease the financial pressure.


Remember to save

Saving money is extremely important anyway, but especially so when you work freelance. By saving a certain percentage (%) of your income and putting that in a savings account, your savings will continue to increase and this means you will have another option to fall back on (should you need to). The banking app Monzo, which I mentioned earlier in this post, also has some brilliant money saving features called “pots” which are worth looking into.


Freelancing can be so rewarding due to the freedom of choosing who you want to work with and when you want to work, but of course, it doesn’t come without its risks which is why it’s important to protect yourself and your freelance income. By planning ahead, researching, monitoring and being careful, you can succeed financially as a freelancer.

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