Clear Drug Tests: The Importance Of Drug Testing

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Have you ever wondered why there’s always been mentions of drug testing in most work places? Well, some employers usually prefer testing their employees right before hiring them while others will just do the hiring then surprise you with a random drug test while at work.

Anyway, in as much as the reason for drug testing might sound so obvious, some employees are still against it, seeing it as lack of trust from their employers thus developing a negative attitude towards it.

This is always a serious topic of discussion in most work places and even though the employees might be against the practice, there are certain companies that are quite strict and leaves nothing to chance thus ambushing their employees with random drug tests occasionally.

But as we know, for something to be taken this seriously, there must be some importance to it, right? Well let’s check a few reasons why drug testing is an important thing in our work places. See Clear Drug Tests for more information.


Safety of the work place

Of course, every individual who is employed is usually entitled to a safe work place or environment as this is one of the legal requirements that each company or organisation should be having.

For this reason, a safety and health policy should be put in place and this includes the consumption of alcohol and other drug substances. With this policy in place, as a business owner or employer, you can be able to minimize the chances of accidents occurring at the work.

We are all aware that the consumption of drugs or alcohol can lead to poor performance and misjudgments at work and if the person is dealing with heavy machineries then he might be putting himself at a great risk.

This also affects the people around him too and the organization in general. This is why you need a drug test to be able to find out and handle these cases as soon as possible before anyone gets hurt.


The Quality of work

If you are in charge of hiring new employees, then you know how tiring the process can be. Imagine spending that much time doing the hiring only to lay them off after a few months just because the person was not delivering as expected.

This is why it is important to do the drug test just before hiring new members as this will allow you to notice any habits or detect the recent use of drugs and other substances in a person.

Of course, it is often difficult to fully focus or concentrate at work when you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. This will in turn affect your work output and no one really likes poor quality work, right?


Lower costs of health insurance

If you look closely, you will realize that organizations with a nicely defined policy on drugs and alcohol, enforced with a pre-employment drug testing usually receive a better insurance rate.

As a manager, you can be able to reduce the cost of health insurance by reducing the drug related cases through drug testing. The more the cases, the higher the cost incurred to cover them, and the reverse is also true.


Reduced staff turnover

This is also another reason why it is important to practice drug testing at your work place. As a manager in charge of bringing in new employees, you risk bringing in a troublesome person to your organization without screening for any kind of drugs and other substances.

Besides, it will also be a waste of time when you have to hire someone only to let them go again. Performing a drug test before will allow you to identify the users and deal with the situation before it affects your business.

This can also be preventing the cases of absenteeism due to hangovers and other after drug effects.



Having your employees on drugs will most definitely affect the productivity of your company or organisation. Compared to those who are drugs free, the productivity of those employees on drugs will be down and this is something that’s not good for business.

As said before, consuming drugs and alcohol can interfere with your concentration at work thus leading to unfinished tasks and incompetence in general.

This is why you need to encourage drug testing to help you minimise the chances of employing drug users who can in turn harm your business.

Regardless of what people might be thinking, it is still important to perform drug tests in work places as it comes with a lot of advantages. Even if you are using some prescribed drugs, remember, too much of something can be dangerous no only to you but you might be putting others at risk too. Click here to see some more reasons.

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