Christmas Gift Ideas for the Travel Obsessed

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There’s still a few months before Christmas arrives, which makes this the right time to start considering what Christmas gift ideas would be best for your travel obsessed loved one.

When an ugly Christmas sweater just won’t do, think of the presents that might make going on holiday more pleasant or even easier for the special someone in your life. A new tablet with access to the internet and real-time maps could be great for a travel obsessed loved one who enjoys trekking and great adventures.


Here are some of the best Christmas gift ideas you can give to someone who isn’t able to stay put for long.

Customised Luggage
When you get off of your flight and want to depart from the airport you don’t want to have to sort through a bunch of luggage and briefcases that all look identical. Gift your loved one customised luggage that is monogrammed, high in quality, and distinctive looking. This will enable the traveller to keep moving from the airport, to the cab, to the hotel simplistically. Customised luggage also makes it hard for crooks to get away scot free as they can’t just walk out carrying something which obviously doesn’t belong to them.

Travel Passes
Whether you’re giving passes for an amusement park or a safari sightseeing package, travel passes are worth their weight in gold to dedicated travellers. Travel passes allow visitors to skip the ticket purchase booth, and often, long lines. Check out the London Explorer Pass if your favourite world traveller has expressed an interest in discovering more sights and landmarks in London. Remember that the travel obsessed don’t necessarily need to hop aboard an airplane to get their travel fix.

Smart Electronic
Smartwatches, tablets, phones, and tablets all appeal to travellers because they can go with them anywhere. Choose the right electronic for your travel fanatic and they’ll be able to organise their calendar, keep their friends and family on speed-dial, take pictures, and even monitor their heart rate all from the same device.
While many people have a bunch of electronics that they have for all sort of purposes, travellers generally have their one or two favourite devices which they use all the time. Get a new electronic for your loved one so that they can be ready to take off and stay connected during their next adventure.

Leather Journals
Most people take pictures while they are on holiday but only the travel obsessed have pages and pages of written documentation, detailing their every moment and experience. Buying a heavy, thick, leather-bound journal for your travel fanatic for Christmas would be a very welcome gift indeed. Consider getting them a nice ink pen to go with their new journal so that they can write down their thoughts while watching tropical birds, as they get ready to hike up a mountain, or as they settle in on the beach.

These gifts are thoughtful and really centre around the experiences that travellers enjoy most as they go around the globe. The travel obsessed are usually the ones hauling armloads of gifts as they come back from their latest adventures, but this Christmas you can bestow some of the greatest gifts of all. Travel passes generally stay good for a year so review the expiry period before making a purchase. High tech electronics can sometimes have features that no one needs, but they also keep the lives of travellers highly organised and centred.

A set of custom luggage and a beautiful journal works absolutely splendidly for those who only need an extra set of clothes and a tube of sunscreen to be ready to take off. Consider one or all of these Christmas gift ideas for your special world traveller.

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