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As you get older and life gets busier it’s easy to neglect your health. That little ache becomes something you can no longer ignore and a trip to the doctor is in order. The same is true when it comes to our mental health too. It’s easy to try and push aside and try to forget about worrying symptoms, but like our physical health the longer you ignore them the worse they often become.

In this blog we’re taking a look at your mental health MOT, a check-up for taking stock of where you are and how you’re feeling. We explore some symptoms around depression and other mental health conditions and think about what we can do to help alleviate those problems.


Take an afternoon or even your lunch break to think about the stage of life you have found yourself in. Are you happy, fulfilled, frustrated? Write down your hopes and fears and think about how you are feeling right now, as you write.

Think about your physical and mental health. Is there anything that’s troubling you? Anything that you’re ignoring or struggling with? Write that down too. Ultimately you want to make a list of action points to tick off but for now simply recognising where you are and how you feel is a great first step.

Mental Checkpoints

If you do have the occasional blip with your mental health or if you’ve been experiencing some more consistent symptoms then think about what it is that you’re feeling. You might be feeling symptoms of depression which can feel more generalised then say anxiety or stress.

When you feel like you’re slipping down into a depressive state, start by keeping a diary detailing your feelings and book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible, particularly if those feelings start getting more intense.

When it comes to stress, often this is triggered by a particular situation such as work, money worries a failing relationship and so on. If you are unable to remove yourself from that situation you might benefit from counselling or therapy to help you deal with it until it’s resolved.

Anxiety has similar symptoms to stress such as a racing heart, troubling, cluttered thoughts but can be a more general state rather than focussed on one situation. If you are feeling anxious then your doctor may prescribe you some medication and suggest counselling or therapy to help you to deal with the worst symptoms.

If you worry about going to the doctor with your problems, then don’t. If you feel embarrassed then you shouldn’t. If you had a bladder infection you wouldn’t let the pain get worse, you’d buy a Urinary Alkaliniser and deal with it.

Your mental health and well-being is paramount to a healthy, happy life so make it a priority at whatever point you are in your life.

Staying Healthy

Keeping your mind healthy is the next step to consider in your check-up. Just coping with day-to-day problems isn’t enough. To stay on top of things you should have strategies and boundaries in place that protect your physical and your mental health.

If you are in a relationship that drains you and demands you give too much of yourself in terms of time and commitment, then it’s time to set some firm markers down. This might be romantic or a friendship kind of relationship, either way if it’s not nurturing you then it’s time to ask some hard questions about what you’re getting out of it.

The best word you can learn to avoid mental and physical burnout is the word ‘no’. Employ it liberally when you need to step away from situations or people that bring you down and damage you.

If you’re under pressure at work and feeling the stress of taking on too much, wield this word to refuse more projects. Of course you may need to phrase it differently, but ultimately you’ll be making your intention very clear.

If you find some social situations stressful and unenjoyable then, politely but firmly, turn them down. Protect your well-being, avoid placing yourself under any more stress than you can comfortably handle, whether that’s in a social situation, an office or a relationship.

Your mental health is as important as any other aspect of your life, so guard it fiercely and make sure you are always working towards staying healthy in body and mind. Take stock of where you are and be brave enough to tackle any problems face on for a happier you.

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