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Refresh & Restart – Getting Back On Track After A Serious Injury

Are you struggling to cope with the hand that life has thrown at you and just can’t get back on track? Perhaps until recently, everything was hunky dory but in a split second that all changed, your life changed forever due to a serious injury occurring? You feel like your whole world has crumbled since then as everything is different to what it was like…

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6 Reasons To Exercise That You May Not Know Exist

Is your lifestyle making you feel guilty? One of the main reasons is a lack of exercise. Do you know the many reasons to exercise? We all know that we have to work out to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Burning calories keeps the pounds off and stops us from losing weight. In turn, this has huge impacts on cholesterol, blood pressure, and ageing.…

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Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

Taking good care of your oral health is so important, not just for the sake of your mouth, but for your self-confidence and your life as a whole. Why? Because maintaining a healthy mouth and having a great smile can help you to feel good and it will, because, rightly or wrongly, we are so often judged on appearances and bad teeth can really hold…

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Body Confidence As A Woman & The Constant Battle

Me, my self-esteem and my body don’t have the greatest relationship. I’ve gone from being so scarily thin in my early teens, struggling with a body¬†disorder, being a “healthy weight” but convincing myself I was over weight in my late teens & early 20s, piling on a lot of weight, slimming down to a “healthy weight” again in my mid-20s and now I’m back to…

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Treat Your Mind Like A Muscle

When thinking about your health, do you ever consider the state of your mind? Perhaps you should. You might not know this, but your mind can be just as vulnerable and susceptible to damage or pain as your body. So, how do you keep the health of your mind? Well, there are a number of suggestions I can offer here. But if you think about…

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I'm Louise, a 28 year old blogger living in York. I also work as a medical receptionist and I'm currently a trainee teaching assistant. This is my corner of the internet, in which I cover topics such as mental health, travel, fashion, lifestyle and so much more!

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