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When one thinks of mental health or well being, one thinks ‘Fortunately, I don’t have Alzheimer’s or Dementia’. However according to the World Health Organisation, “Mental health is not just the absence of a mental disorder.” Having a “healthy brain” or mind is being well holistically, i.e. physically, mentally and socially well, so as to be productive, fruitful and cope with life’s stresses.

Sometimes life can be so overwhelming that we may consider taking supplements to aid us in getting by. Supplements that feed and boost your brain power should be a lifestyle, such as Omega 3 which are essential fatty acids that the body doesn’t produce, and only found in oily fish like salmon and mackerel. Whether you want to ward off dread diseases, lessen your anxieties or just boost your brain power, Reviewy will tell you more.


Natural Mental Well-Being

Here are a few helpful pointers:


#1 Rest/Sleep

Getting adequate sleep will enable your brain and body to handle most things life throws your way. How much is enough? In the past, adults were advised to get 8 hours and children 10 hours per night. In today’s society, people are so stressed by work pressures, that these benchmarks are not normally attainable. A person can continue with little sleep, but one day it will affect you – possibly in the form of a nervous breakdown where you’re forced to rest in a Mental Wellness Clinic. Therefore, as each of us knows our own body, we need to identify what is enough for ourselves.


#2 Exercise

Exercising causes the release of good endorphins, the chemicals which interact with the brain, creating those feelings of positivity and wellness. The body benefits from the exercise. You feel energized and ready to take on the next challenge. Daily exercise is ideal, but cardio three times a week is acceptable. Going for a brisk walk in the park can do the trick. The fresh air, being outside away from the office and getting the blood flowing through your veins will leave you feeling uplifted. Take the dogs and family with you to capitalize on family time.


#3 Sunshine

Why do you think Joan Jett sang about walking on sunshine? A bright sunny day puts a smile on your face, a bounce in your step and gives you your daily dose of Vitamin D which benefits the body. Vitamin D deficiencies lead to fatigue, depressed moods, and season ailment disorder (season depression). So go out and soak up the sun – with caution.

#4 Time Aside

We all need a little ‘me’ time. Mums, whether stay-at-home or working, never seem to get a break. There is always something that needs to get done, whether it is housework, work, or picking up and taking kids to their next activity. It is essential to take time to rest and be pampered. It’s no sin to soak in a hot candle-lit bubble bath, snuggle under the duvet with a good book or take up a hobby. What about a Sudoku or crossword to stimulate your brain?


#5 Eating Right

Consuming the required vitamins and minerals is fundamental to our overall well-being.  Eating right has obvious health benefits, enabling you to survive and feel energetic. When you don’t eat right, the deficiencies take their toll on your body or you start gaining weight. Once you’re on the weight-loss roller coaster, there never seems a way to get off it. There’s always the craving for something you shouldn’t have or the guilt for having had it. Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.


#6 Positive Mantra

We have been made wonderfully and amazingly. Yet when we look in the mirror, we are our own worst enemies. I’m so fat, so wrinkly, so ugly, such a failure…

NO! We need to look at our reflection and consider how marvellously we are created. Tell ourselves how awesome we look today, that we are remarkable and admirable, people love us and we make a difference in others’ lives. No more negativity. Take every negative thought captive and banish it. Listen to uplifting music and read inspiring books. Celebrate your good attributes, develop a good self-esteem, be optimistic and hopeful, and speak a positive day into being.


Ensure that you develop relationships with encouraging and inspiring people. People in whom you can confide, that listen, who can carry your burdens and with whom you can laugh.  

Make a difference in somebody else’s life. YOU add value!

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