My Boyfriends 5 Rules Of Mens Fashion

In regards to fashion, I think men have it way easier. Most men can jump in the shower and be ready within 15 minutes. At least that’s what I thought until I met my boyfriend, Kiel. Kiel has (in my opinion anyway) a great sense of style and he thinks about each of his outfits. I like it when guys do this because it shows they care about how they look and want to make an effort.


These rules are all my opinion of what I think my boyfriend thinks…

Rule 1 – Checkered shirts 

These are so versatile and come in a variety of colours, it’s easy to match a shirt with your favourite t-shirt to smarten it up slightly. You don’t even have to buy designer to be honest, there are some nice wallet friendly shirts available for men. I discovered loads of cool mens fashion brands at Sheffield Style Show.


Rule 2 – Have fun with your accessories

Kiel absolutely loves his sunglasses, he seriously has them with him wherever he goes and he looks good in them! Even the bright yellow ones he owns. I’ve also noticed there are some seriously cool backpacks for men available.


Rule 3 – Black Jeans

This probably goes without saying but us ladies depend on our jeans, my boyfriend loves his black jeans. They are easy to style with anything and everything, so I can understand why.


Rule 4 – Band/WWE t-shirts

Kiel loves his WWE t-shirts but he’s also obsessed with band tees. I’m pretty sure every pay day he buys another 2 packages full of band/WWE t-shirts. There’s been so many occasions where he will be wearing a WWE shirt and someone will shout a wrestling catch-phrase.


Rule 5 – Stand out from the crowd

What’s the point in blending in? If you have your own unique style, you should totally be proud of it. Mens fashion doesn’t have to be boring. Be creative, but wear what you feel most comfortable in!


Kiel has his own style and that’s one of the many things I love most about him. I guess the message from this blog post is, be yourself and wear what makes you happy. 

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by All opinions, thoughts and photographs are genuinely my own (or my boyfriends).

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