Blogmas: Whittard Mint Hot Chocolate

Today’s Blogmas post is a review of Whittard Mint Hot Chocolate. Christmas to many makes us think of tasty, warm drinks to help get us through the cold weather. An old age favourite with regards to hot chocolates, I am reviewing Whittard’s Mint Hot Chocolate. I do work for Whittard’s in my day job currently, so I have tried many of their hot chocolates from the range but I was yet to try this one in particular.


What is Whittard of Chelsea?

Whittard of Chelsea was established in 1886, by Walter Whittard. Whittard’s is a retailer of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, instant tea and many other items which are used in the consumption of hot and cold drinks.┬áHot chocolate has always been close to Whittard’s hearts. In the 1890s, their cocoa became incredibly popular. A young Walter Whittard put its success down to “its very high quality and distinctly unique character”.


Whittard Mint Hot Chocolate

Before you’ve even made your hot chocolate, the powder smells lovely with a luxurious mint flavour. Upon making up your hot chocolate, please ensure you use some form of milk and NOT water. If you use water, your hot chocolate won’t taste nice at all and it doesn’t mix properly with the chocolate mixture.

The Whittard Mint Hot Chocolate has a lovely mint flavour, which isn’t overly overpowering. When drinking this hot chocolate, it reminds me of a drink version of After Eights. The mint hot chocolate’s smooth and creamy texture, with rich mint flavours, can be perfectly paired with marshmallows, presented in a latte glass. The hot chocolate mixture contains bits of chocolate which melt into the milk. Unlike other branded hot chocolates I have tried, this one isn’t gritty in texture at all and overall, it mixes well with the warm milk.


The Whittard mint hot chocolate is definitely a favourite of mine now. Whittard’s Mint Hot Chocolate is available in Whittard stores across the UK and it can also be ordered online via the Whittard website.

Have you tried any of the Whittard of Chelsea hot chocolates? I also like the White Hot Chocolate! Which ones are your favourites? Let me know in the comments.


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