#Blogmas – Christmas Day 2015

It’s Christmas Day! So I’d like to wish everyone Merry Christmas. I hope you’ve all had a lovely day filled with spending time with your loved ones. This is the last day of Blogmas, so I’d like thank anyone who’s read my blogmas posts throughout the month. Robin - Christmas 2015 Robin - Christmas Day This year has been a little different for us because we now have a baby in the family, my adorable nephew Robin. One side of the living room was absolutely covered with gifts for all of us. Presents - Christmas 2015 More Presents - Christmas 2015 We all opened our presents together. I think it was over-whelming for little Robin, bless him. I’m so thankful for all my wonderful gifts. I have what seems to be a life time supply of Yankee Candles – seriously, I got so many. Not that I’m complaining! They are going to last me ages. My Presents - Christmas 2015 Me - Christmas Day Before dinner we were all doing shots of this 10 year old alcohol. We think it’s Hungarian schnapps. It wasn’t to my taste but it was OK. Alcohol - Christmas Day At around 2pm we all sat down to eat our Christmas dinner. It’s always so worth the wait. To start, we had a platter of meat and cheese, with each person getting a warm bread roll. Starter - Christmas Day 2015 Next it was time for Christmas dinner! The meat we had was turkey and pork. Pork is my favourite. Everything was dished up onto plates and then we all just picked what we wanted. I was so full after finishing this. For dessert I had a small slice of cheesecake. Christmas Dinner 2015 After we’d finished eating, mum and I went for a Christmas day walk. We wrapped up warm because it was raining. It was actually a really nice walk because everywhere was so quiet. Cocktail - Christmas Day 2015 In the evening, we sat as a family and watched the soaps. I opened my glass and cocktail set my grandma bought me. I got a lot of cocktail related gifts this year. I’ve had an amazing birthday and Christmas, I am so lucky and thankful to be around family. I’m looking forward to Boxing Day celebrations tomorrow. I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful and happy Christmas. 


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