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The first time I went to Amsterdam, I was amazed by all the awesome food. Slowly but surely I’ve been managing to find the time to write about the different parts of our bloggers trip to Amsterdam.

The first food related thing I should mention about our trip in regards to food, we all love bread. In one particular restaurant the waitress gave each of us a really odd look because we each ordered a bread basket to ourselves.


After we’d dropped our bags at the hotel we ventured into the city and found a restaurant which served such nice pizza. It was the perfect way to start our trip. Unfortunately I can’t remember what the restaurant was called, but it was on some back street.



During our travels walking around Amsterdam, we found the cutest little Macaron shop. It was in what I’d call a posh area of Amsterdam, apparently this is the area where some of the dutch celebrities hang out?!




Halfway through our Amsterdam trip, we all decided we were really craving tapas. We did some google searches and found a tapas restaurant which was on the tram route between our hotel and our destination for the evening.



The Pantry

After reading such good reviews about this restaurant online, we managed to find The Pantry on our last day in Amsterdam before our flight back to Manchester. Of course, we opted for bread in a basket again. I had sea bass for main which was lovely.


Rancho Argentinian Grill VI

This restaurant though… If I ever return to Amsterdam again, I am making sure I go back here. The food was so good, seriously. The food was really well presented and I opted for salmon which was so delicious.


Each day of our trip was so packed with things to do, so we aimed to have a bit of variety for our meals but also something each person actually wanted to eat.

There we have it, that’s pretty much a full summary of everything I ate during my Amsterdam trip. I bet you’re hungry now! I know I am.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored or collaborated with any of the brands/restaurants mentioned, I genuinely wanted to share my experience. All opinions, thoughts and photographs are genuinely my own.

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