Is Your Blog Under-performing This Month? 4 Tips to Give it a Boost

For your blog to be successful, it requires more than top-notch writing and a sleek design. A few different aspects behind the scenes are responsible for how your website performs — such as optimising for SEO and choice of web hosting services — and improving them can give you a big boost.


For many, a blog is a digital journal with no intent to take it further or concern for how many people read it. Some of us, though, use a blog as a primary source of income, or a key addition to the website of a business. For the latter, an efficient site is vital to consistently increase your readership and further establish yourself as a brand. Achieving this means taking good care of everything that forms your blog, whether it be visible features or parts under the hood that need tuning up.


In this post, we’ll look at a few of the ways you can enhance the various aspects of your blog’s performance, along with why it will have a lasting, positive effect.


  1. Try Something New


If you’ve noticed a recent dip in the amount of people reading your blog or a lack of new visitors this month, don’t panic. Your blog isn’t doomed! This could be because your website or content isn’t appealing to your target audience right now, or that it’s become a tad predictable. Either way, trying something new will give you a huge boost.

You could give your blog an aesthetic makeover with a new design, embrace a different content format such as reviews, or explore an entirely new niche. Making changes like these not only shows that you’re willing to give your readers something new and exciting to sink their teeth into, but also demonstrates that you’re a versatile blogger.


  1. Seasonal Content


From time to time, you may experience the creative roadblock that is writer’s block. For bloggers, this can be a bit of a nightmare, as you’ll want to be uploading a consistent and natural flow of content. If you’re stuck for ideas, it’s always a good idea to look to seasonal content as a new avenue of engaging topics. With Christmas right around the corner, there’s a festive goldmine of blogging potential for every niche.

Whether you’re a parenting or lifestyle blogger writing gift guides, or a business blogger discussing finance and eCommerce at Christmas, or a health guru advising people on the best ways to eat well over the festive period, there’s an abundance of angles to cover. Not only does seasonal content provide you with a tonne of fresh ideas to work with, but you also benefit from the vast amount of people searching online for seasonal keywords. Putting your content in the conversation around this time could open you up to a huge amount of new readers.


  1. The Issue Could Be Your Web Hosting Services


When a problem arises with your blog, you’ll instantly look on the surface for the issues, such as content or design flaws. However, the real problem could be what’s going on behind the scenes. In this case, the website hosting services that are responsible for keeping your site online and functioning efficiently could be your problem area.

If you initially opted for the cheapest possible option in regards to website hosting when creating your blog, there’s a good chance this could be the source of your performance problems. Your site’s success and growth since you began may mean your web hosting is no longer fit for purpose and you need to upgrade your web hosting.

If you find that either of the above happens to be the case, it’s crucial that you get it sorted as soon as possible. Poor-quality website hosting can cause slow loading times, unexpected downtime and various cyber security issues. None of these problems are very fun or beneficial for a blogger trying to give their audience the best possible blogging experience.


  1. Optimise for SEO


Chances are you’ve already stumbled upon the term ‘SEO’, this stands for Search Engine Optimisation and relates to the various marketing techniques that help sites rank higher on search engines. As a blogger, search engines are your greatest ally when it comes to reaching a wider audience, but if you haven’t implemented SEO tactics, it could be the reason you are experiencing a bout of poor site performance.

Optimising your blog’s copy and posts for SEO will do you a world of good — and two of the ways you can do so are with the use of keywords and backlinks:


  • Keywords are words and phrases that people enter into search engines. Creating content that focuses on these keywords, uses them organically in the text and provides useful content for the reader will give you a better chance of appearing in the first handful of search results.


  • As for backlinks, by placing links to high-authority sites in your blog posts to support statements or statistics, it shows search engines that you are a trustworthy and relevant source. Linking to spammy, untrustworthy sites, or gambling or adult websites, will do the complete opposite. Maintain the integrity and quality of your site by providing useful, relevant links in your content and your readers (and search engines) will view you more favourably.

Although having an under-performing blog is frustrating, it can be a helpful eye-opener and an opportunity to step up your game as a blogger. Every other blogger has experienced similar performance issues, so avoid panicking or thinking your blog will never recover. Implement each of the points mentioned above and give your blog the best possible chance of success heading into the future.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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