Birthday Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

If you have a male’s birthday coming up soon on your calendar, it’s likely that panic has already set in – what on earth are you going to buy them? If you don’t know their size you can’t get them any clothes, and even then it might not be their style which is why birthday gift ideas for men can be a struggle. There isn’t any need to panic, though, because there is a vast array of birthday gift ideas that you can buy for a man. Whether he is your man, your father, brother, son, other relative or friend, below we have put together a list of great gifts that any man would love to unwrap.



Boys and their toys, they just love them! You cannot go wrong with a fun gadget not too dissimilar than those that you can find at Menkind. Gadgets such as drones, speakers, radio controlled cars and cameras will all bring a smile to the face of any guy! These examples are not exclusively children’s toys, with many radio controlled cars and drones made specifically for adults. You wouldn’t want a 10-year-old in control of some of the drones that are on the market.



Many men are into fashion. If you are close to the man that you are buying for, especially if he is of a romantic interest, then jewellery makes for an incredible present. Chains and rings are fine pieces that most men will wear, but if the man that you are buying for is of a quirkier persuasion, then there are some alternative pieces you may want to consider.

For those special occasions, buy them a unique set of watch movement designer cufflinks that will not only stand out in their outfit, but will quickly become their favourite accessory. Equally, a piece of jewellery with a personal engraving will also make a fantastic gift for lovers.



If you’re buying for someone who is in no way materialistic it could leave you stumped for what to buy them. There is the option of gifting an experience such as a day out, driving experience or tickets to an event that you know they will love.

Experiences have proven to be a popular choice of gift for special occasions as they are unique and not just another present that will sit in the cupboard gathering dust. Play your cards right and you could be sharing the experience with them – after all, you did buy the tickets…



What do you buy the man that already has anything? You buy them something that isn’t actually out yet. A subscription to their favourite magazine, or one that you think they will love, is the gift that arrives at their doorstep every new issue.

If the lucky person prefers to read their magazine digitally as, after all, that is the way the world is going, then you can still buy subscriptions and gift them. All you need to know is their email address, or buy a physical voucher that they can redeem on their device.


Ask them!

If all else fails and you really are stumped as to what to get them, then just ask them – or get someone to ask for you. Buying for our nearest and dearest can be difficult, even if we feel that we know them inside and out. Hopefully they provide a more creative answer than ‘I don’t know’.


Whatever you buy for the persons birthday which is coming up, just remember that it is the thought that counts. Men can be tricky to buy for, so don’t worry if you struggle to think of birthday gift ideas. Whether they are unwrapping a set of designer cufflinks, a magazine subscription or a driving day around Silverstone, we are sure that they will love it.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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