The best Halloween costumes for your dog this year

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Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to begin preparing. Dogs bring us all kinds of joy and we enjoy having them around during all types of celebrations.

Halloween is no exception. Together with natural dog food suppliers Feedem, we take a look at the best Halloween costumes for your dog and review them so you can decide which one to choose this year.



To make your dog look and feel ferocious this Halloween, why not dress them as a lion. Instead of a full outfit, you can buy just the manes here to create this costume.

Fit: 6/10

There are various sized manes available, they range from extra small to large. In many manes, there is an elastic band that encircles the face opening to make sure that it fits to size.

Material/Comfort: 3/10

Of course, it depends on the tolerance of your dog as to how irritated they become by this outfit. However, we can’t imagine that wearing an elasticated giant mane can be overly comfortable especially when eating and drinking.

Effectivity: 5/10

Unless you have plenty of time on your hands to create a DIY alternative, the manes available to buy are lightly coloured. These would be most suitable for golden-coated pups, and may not look as effective on darker haired dogs.

Overall rating: 14/30


Spider pup

Most likely less intimidating than an actual creepy crawly, is your spider pup. Complete with fur and eight legs, you can pick up the costume here.

Fit: 6/10

The material from this outfit goes underneath your dog so that it is fitted properly and less likely to fall off. However, we think that this outfit would be difficult to squeeze those larger dogs in.

Material/Comfort: 2/10

This costume has received a low rating for material and comfort due to the eight legs attached to the outfit. This cannot be comfortable for the dog when walking or playing – this costume would be most appropriate for a photo opportunity.

Effectivity: 8/10

Despite the low levels of comfort, this is an effective outfit that would make your pup the centre of attention at Halloween.

Overall rating: 10/30


TY beanie baby

Suitable for the smaller, fluffier pups, the TY beanie baby outfit can be made in your own home. Simply create the traditional TY label out of cardboard and felt and attach it to your dog’s collar our round their neck. For added cuteness, you could write a message inside the tag such as your dog’s name and what it likes to do.

Fit: 9/10

Since this outfit can be created at home, you can make sure that the tag fits nicely onto your dog’s collar.

Material/Comfort: 8/10

Unlike other outfits, this costume shouldn’t interfere with your dog too much as it is not fitted to any part of their bodies. Instead, they might become distracted by the tag and pull it off.

Effectivity: 5/10

The TY beanie baby range is recognisable by many and therefore this outfit can be effective for your dog. However, it is not a full costume and may not be as impressive as others.

Overall rating: 22/30


Pumpkin puppy

There are some pumpkin puppy costumes available online and in stores however, it can be easy to make one at home. With some orange and black felt and some Velcro, you can cut out a suitable outfit for your dog and stick a Halloween design on the back with craft glue.

Fit: 7/10

If you are designing this outfit yourself, you can ensure that it is the perfect fit for your furry friend! However, dogs tend to be playful and move around a lot – this could cause the garment to slip around.

Material/Comfort: 6/10

Felt is a comfortable material for your dog and it is unlikely that this would lead to any irritation. However, the fact that they are wearing an outfit that is fitted around their legs, may be uncomfortable for them.

Effectivity: 7/10

This outfit could look very effective if it is created in the right way. It is fitting with the Halloween theme and would be recognisable as a pumpkin.

Overall rating: 20/30


After a thorough review of some of the most popular puppy Halloween costumes it looks as though there is a clear winner. Dressing your dog as a TY beanie baby is affordable, effective and can be created so that it fits your dog perfectly. The main positive about this outfit is that it is comfortable for your dog, they can still play as they wish – without eight legs or a lion’s mane getting in the way…

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