Ask Yourself These Questions Before Breaking Up With An Item Of Clothing

When it comes to breaking up with boyfriends, most of us go through various stages before taking the leap. We ask ourselves questions about whether it’s the right thing to do. It’s never a decision we jump into lightly. But, when it comes to breaking up with our clothing, we’re much more callous.

In all honesty; it has to happen sometimes. You can’t keep buying new pieces without ever getting rid of the old. Before long, your drawers will be brimming, and you’ll have no choice but to end a few of those longer relationships. Usually, we put this off until we can’t take it anymore. Then, we shove the old clothes in a black bag and try not to think of them again.

Given that clothes are our one true love (be honest…), this way of ending things makes no sense. Within a few weeks, you might start questioning whether you would’ve worn that cute mustard jumper again. These doubts lead to feelings of guilt, and a certainty that you acted with haste.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, approach breaking up with clothes in the same way you would break up with a man. Take time to ask yourself questions like these.

Would it help to spend more time together?

Often, relationships end because a couple grows distant. They may feel like they never see each other, or that they don’t relate anymore. Though it can be tough, spending more time together often solves the issue. It’s a sure way to rekindle that flame.

If a top is at the bottom of your wardrobe, you may go without wearing it for some time. Buried clothes get forgotten until clear out time rolls around. Instead of chucking those forgotten items away, make an effort to wear them once more. You never know; this extra time together could convince you that they’re a keeper.

Why have you stopped spending time together?

Of course, sometimes, there’s a sinister reason for not spending time with a loved one. They may have started to annoy you. Or, there may be something you’re avoiding. In these cases, it can be harder to overcome issues of distance. But, if you think about it, there are often simple solutions. Talking through worries, for example, could get you back on track.

Think, too, about why you’ve stopped turning to old fashion favourites. Has that jumper got a hole which you never repaired. Have you got unpleasant stains on your leather bags? Think long and hard whether easy to rectify issues like these are at the heart of the trouble.


Could you rekindle the romance with a change?

Sometimes, people need to change their bad behaviours to remind us why we love them. It may be that your man rekindles the romance by putting the toilet seat down, or becoming more attentive. Fear not; your clothes can change, too. With small alterations, even old pieces can become new again. It might now be worth giving up just yet.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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