Feeling Unsafe On A Date or Night Out? Remember To Ask For Angela

A topic which often isn’t covered by the mainstream media with regards to dating is safety. Have you ever felt unsafe on a date? Feeling uncomfortable on a night out? A simple code word campaign, first started by Lincolnshire County Council, known as “Ask For Angela” is being rolled out across England.

Ask For Angela

Safety is vital throughout any relationship, but when first meeting someone and dating someone it is incredibly important. When dating, (whether you met them online or not) you are essentially meeting up with a stranger – something which your parents warned you against doing. However, in this day and age, it happens and it’s a part of normal life. Free dating websites have grown in popularity. Of course, you should always use common sense, keep your wits about you and make sensible decisions. Be sure to tell those you trust, such as family or friends about your date – ensuring you let them know details such as location, time, etc. Make sure your date is in a public location, with lots of people around and try to make sure you are familiar with the surroundings of that location.

Sometimes you can stick by all the rules, make safe decisions, yet you still feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Do you know what you would do if something wasn’t quite right on a date?

The Ask For Angela campaign is simple, but effective. If you are feeling unsafe for any reason or your date isn’t working out, go to the bar and Ask For “Angela” – the bar staff will know from those code words that you need help getting out of whatever your situation may be. They will call you a taxi or help you out of the situation discreetly, without much fuss.

I personally find it quite upsetting that we live in a world where campaigns like this are needed. However, it’s good that this has been acknowledged as an issue and picked up nationally by a variety of brands. It’s important we protect ourselves and others around us, as dating should be a fun experience and we all have a right to feel safe in dating situations.

The campaign has proven to be very popular and helpful to those who feel unsafe. Although Ask For Angela was launched by Lincolnshire County Council, the campaign has now also been launched across other areas of the UK. Dating websites are also backing the campaign, such as the free dating site We Love Dates, who have created a mini campaign via their Facebook page in support of Ask For Angela. It is really wonderful and important that brands and businesses are supporting campaigns such as Ask For Angela. I’ve read before that security staff and bouncers do get training to look for signs with regards to unsafe situations, but having a campaign like this become so popular is great. It means there is an overall system which (as the campaign continues to gain awareness) more and more people will know and understand, with regards to safety and dating.

Had you already heard about Ask For Angela? What do you think about the campaign?

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by We Love Dates.

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