Are We All Capable Of Catfishing?

Lets face it, when using dating apps and websites, almost all of us are guilty of selecting the most flattering photos of ourselves. Have you ever considered that this can result in you catfishing someone, without actually meaning to do so?

Whether or not the intention was there, it’s not the nicest situation for the other person as they may feel slightly tricked after turning up for a cocktail date in a bar, but their date looks little or nothing like their profile photos.

Just in case you haven’t heard of the term catfishing, or are unsure of what it means… Catfishing (or a catfish) is a term inspired by the popular 2010 documentary “Catfish”, which then resulted in a show on MTV called Catfish. A Catfish is someone who generally, pretends to be someone they aren’t online, creating a false identity, usually using photos of someone else.

The term has been adapted in the dating world, to cover pretty much any occasion where someone looks different to the photos on their dating profiles. I’ve heard numerous stories from friends, and friends of friends, who turn up for a date with someone and that person doesn’t look exactly like their photos. Sometimes they completely look different to the photos, also.

If you don’t want to risk feeling anxious or on edge, you always have the option to switch from using dating apps like Tinder, to niche dating websites. You can use location specific dating sites, such as a Sheffield dating site or an Aberdeen dating site. There are a variety of specific websites aimed at specific age groups which are also location based, for example, over 50s dating Nottingham, over 50s dating Fife or over 50s dating Cambridgeshire.

The main message I want you to get out of this post is, try not to over think things. Do however, put some thought into the selection of photos you are using when online dating. Honesty is the best policy, so include a variety of photos of yourself. Perhaps some in natural lighting and others where potential datees can see your full body. Always remember to stay safe and don’t let the world of dating become stressful – after all, it is supposed to be fun!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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