An Accessible Bathroom Can Be Modern & Stylish

Growing up, I shared my time between my mums and my dads as they split up when I was young. An accessible bathroom is a necessity for those with disabilities, in my opinion. From my own personal experiences, I know how tough it can be. My dad and step mum cared for both of my disabled nephews (who had cerebral palsy) and struggled to get somewhere to live for years, which would be suitable for my nephews and my family. When Premier Bathrooms had an opportunity to write a sponsored blog post about accessible bathrooms, I jumped at the chance because I understand how important they can be.

Sadly, my nephew Luke passed away due to sepsis in my final year at University. When Luke and I were young, we moved into a bungalow so it was easier for us to care for him. It was pretty much impossible to live in a house and be able to give him the care he needed.

As Luke got older, even though we lived in the bungalow at the time, there wasn’t a suitable bathroom for Luke. As Luke got heavier to lift into the bath or shower, my step mum especially started to struggle. This was when we had a hoist installed from his bedroom leading into the bathroom, ending above the bath which was attached to the ceiling. The hoist was ideal until Luke was in his late teens.

This was when my dad changed the spare toilet into a walk in shower which meant it was easy and spacious for Luke’s wheelchair. My step mum also has arthritis and having a walk in shower also really helps her, as it has a shower seat. I’ve included an example of how modern and stylish an accessible bathroom can look. Everything doesn’t have to be clear, plain or white.


Image: ©PremierBathrooms

In recent years, shower seats have become very on-trend and have grown in popularity. Not only is a shower seat very useful, it also offers an extra bit of safety in your shower. Simple finishing touches such as a mirror will transform your new accessible bathroom.

Doing some research into the latest bathroom trends will help you to create a stylish, accessible and practical bathroom. There are also other stylish products available for bathrooms, such as a walk in bath from websites such as Premier Bathrooms. These are usually quite cute but can really save some space. Wet rooms and walk in showers can easily be adapted for your needs. There are so many different options available and everything doesn’t have to be plain or white. All it requires is a bit of research and understanding exactly what it is you need.

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by and in collaboration with Premier Bathrooms. All thoughts and opinions are genuinely my own.

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