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There are so many terrible and horrific attacks reported in the media at the moment, it can easily make anyone feel anxious about considering or booking a holiday to certain destinations. One of my favourite holiday destinations is Marmaris, as Turkey is full of beautiful sights and it is rich in heritage. Sadly, Turkey has been subject to a number of attacks in recent years, including the Istanbul nightclub shooting which claimed the lives of 39 people. Travel advice for Turkey currently seems to be that tours should be “vigilant at all times” yet generally the popular holiday spots are deemed to be safe travel destinations. It is worth mentioning that travelling any where can be considered “a risk” or “unsafe”, but some places are a low threat for terrorism compared to other destinations.


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns that an attack “is very likely”, but most visits by Brits are “trouble free”. My visits were hassle free and I felt safe on both occasions, although it did help that my group of friends became friends with one of the hotel staff and he helped us decide on safe places to drink and dance. There are a variety of safe travel destinations, it just requires some research online from official sources such as the FCO and you can also search for other travellers experiences.



Switzerland has so much to offer, such as the stunning sights of the mountains, lakes, cities, vineyards, etc. I would love to visit in summer. Switzerland is deemed safe due to it’s geopolitical position and the high standard of living means that crime is low. I best get saving up now as it is an expensive country to travel around and booking your accommodation in advance is highly recommended.



Although Ireland is so close and easy to visit from the UK, it’s one of those places which has been on my radar for a long time and I’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so.



Malta’s currency is in Euros, so it can be handy to have a mix of cash and cards. Malta is deemed as safe by the FCO as there has been no recent history of terrorism, although they do warn this can never be ruled out where ever you travel. June to August is classed as the high season and it is an incredibly popular time, so if you plan on visiting during the high season, be prepared to book way in advance.



I’ve recently wrote about my dream holiday destinations and explained all of the reasons why Iceland in particular would be so amazing to visit.



A common misconception that many people have is that a trip to Fiji will be way beyond their budget. Fiji has over 20 islands, divided into two regions. It isn’t necessary to see all of the islands, you can explore a particular part of Fiji as there is so much to see. There are a variety of accommodation options, to suite all budgets, from hostels to back packer dorms, to budget hotels, to luxury hotels.


There are some great websites such as Holiday Gems, in which you can search for great deals in different sunny locations, some of which are safe travel destinations. If you are having any worries or doubts, I would advise fully researching your destination (whether or not it’s Turkey) as the UK Governments foreign travel advice website contains a lot of useful and helpful advice. I would love to return to Turkey and visit Marmaris again, perhaps I can in the near future.

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Holiday Gems. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are genuinely my own.

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