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I’m trying to post personal content much more often, so I had the idea of doing an A-Z based on me, Louise Rose Railton. It’s nice getting to know the person behind the blog, therefore I thought a blog post such as this would be perfect. I can sometimes over share but sharing is caring, so get to know me better by reading the A-Z of Louise Rose Railton below.

A is for Anxiety. I’ve lived with anxiety since I can remember, I just never really understood what it was exactly. I’m getting a lot better but it is a constant battle with myself.

B is for Boyfriend. I have now been with my boyfriend Kiel for just over a year. He is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without him.

C is for Cooking. When I have time, I love to cook. I enjoy playing around with different recipes and creating a variety of foods. I’m hoping once I move in with Kiel later this year that I will have time to cook and bake again.

D is for Disney. I am obsessed with Disney. I’m going to Disney Land Paris with one of my favourite blogger pals, Billie, next month and I’m so excited. It’s going to be incredible.

E is for Eating. I have a love/hate relationship with food but I do enjoy eating. I’m always looking forward to what I’m having for tea or thinking about what my next meal may be. Food is awesome.

F is for FRIENDS. I’m such a geek when it comes to Friends the TV show. I grew up watching the show and I’ve continued to love it into my adult life. I could honestly just watch FRIENDS forever and I don’t think I would ever get bored of it.

G is for Gigs. Live music has always been something I loved going to see as I grew up, but since meeting Kiel, I’ve been going to a lot more gigs.

H is for Harry Potter. HP is life. I grew up reading the books and repeatedly watching the films. I am such a huge Harry Potter fan, my childhood IS Harry Potter.

I is for iPad. I really don’t know how I managed without my iPad before I treated myself to one in January. I can take it anywhere with me and it has so many uses. Well worth the money if I’m honest.

J is for Job. Obviously I do run this blog on a freelance basis in my spare time, but in my real/day job I work in Senior Admin at a hospital.

K is for Kindness. I would consider myself to be a kind person and I do care about what others think probably a little too much. It doesn’t hurt to be kind, plus you could make someone’s day that bit better.

L is for Lipstick. I own so many lipsticks now, I don’t even understand how I’ve come to own so many. My favourite at the moment is a matte lipstick I was given by Topshop at an event. The lipstick is a purple colour and is called Inhibition.

M is for Mum. My mum means everything to me. We are very close and there is no one like her in the world. She is the kindest person I know.

N is for Nylon. My favourite clothing brand is Black Milk Clothing who sell clothes made from shiny nylon. I have a big collection and also the BM community has done so much for me personally. I met some of my closest friends because of a clothing line. P.S. I promise, we aren’t a cult.

O is for Olympus Pen. I’ve also included photography as my next word, but my Olympus Pen camera is my baby. I know there are varied opinions from bloggers about this camera, but I adore mine.

P is for Photography. Originally, I studied photography at unversity but after 6 months decided it wasn’t for me as a degree. I still really enjoy it as a hobby and don’t take myself too seriously. It does also come in handy with blogging.

Q is for Quotes. I adore quotes that appeal and reason with me. I have them every where in my room, I have them in my diary, my notebooks and of course, I sometimes post the odd nice quote on my Twitter and/or Instagram.

R is for Rose. As you will know, my name is Louise Rose Railton and rose is my middle name which I think is a lovely name to have. Even as a first name I like the name rose. Roses are also my favourite flowers, no matter what colour, but I have a red rose tattoo on my chest/shoulder which was my first tattoo.

S is for Samples. I do get sent samples via my blog, but I also use certain websites to claim free samples. There are plenty of places around the web where you can get voucher codes, freebies, bargains and other Free stuff in the UK. I have used websites similar to Gratisfaction in the past and I’ve received some brilliant samples and freebies. I always look forward to seeing what freebies are going to arrive!

T is for Twitter. It’s my favourite social media platform at the moment and has been for quite a while now.

U is for University. I have a degree which I studied at Sheffield Hallam University. My degree is in Public Relations and Media. Although I don’t work directly in a job role that involves my degree, I do use a lot of what I learned at university in regards to my blog.

V is for Values. I have strong personal values and I try my best to not let anyone change that.

W is for We Are The Ocean. If you know me personally and have known me from being a teenager into my 20s, you will know that my favourite band is WATO. Sadly, they are splitting up after a decade, but I get to see them for the last time ever at Slam Dunk in May.

X is for Xmas. I struggled a bit here but I’m going to go with it! I love Christmas, plus MY BIRTHDAY is Christmas Eve so the festive season is extra special for me.

Y is for York. York is the city I grew up in and where I currently live. It’s such a beautiful place but I didn’t really start to appreciate it until I lived away in Sheffield for five years.

Z is for Zzz… – So I may have cheated slightly with this one but I do love my sleep. I struggle to function day to day if I don’t get a certain amount of sleep.

There you have it, the A-Z of me, Louise Rose Railton. Why not write one of these A-Z posts about yourself? Feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments below. I’d love to learn more about you guys!

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