A Relaxing Bed Time Routine with Kalms and Blackspade

Life can be pretty stressful, so sometimes you just need a bit of YOU time. A good nights sleep can be essential, otherwise you can be left feeling groggy and low. The wonderful team at Kalms recently sent me a #wakeupready kit to treat myself to a more calming bed time routine. Blackspade also sent me a pair of PJ’s to review so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to combine both.


Blackspade – Noir: Long Sleeved Lace Trim Pyjama Set

Blackspade are a company who design and manufacture premium nightwear and underwear for the whole family. When asked what colour and size PJs I would like, I decided on red and black in a size 12. Cheaper brands of pyjamas can be quite clingy and tight, but these fit me nicely. They are quite stylish to be honest, with delicate but fashionable details such as the lace trim.


Costing £32, this pyjama set is honestly so comfy and it’s really soft to touch. The colours are vibrant and the material is very lightweight – perfect for warmer nights in summer. Head to the Blackspade website, if you would like to see the full Noir by Blackspade collection.


My Kalms #wakeupready kit included:

  • Baylis & Harding French Lavender relaxing foam bath
  • Whittard of Chelsea Dreamtime Malted Hot Chocolate
  • 2 Moleskine mini ruled notebooks
  • Lumie Start 30 body clock

I love that the Kalms kit came with some little notebooks. My mind can run wild on a night time and sometimes I can’t nod off until I’ve wrote down whatever it is that may be running through my head at the time.


I’ve been quite unwell recently so when ever I’m feeling tense, I’ve been running myself a nice hot bath and using this beautiful lavender bubble bath which was in my kit. The lavender scent relaxes me so much, I love it.



It’s recommended that we make lifestyle changes such as getting up at the same time every day, even on weekends. My kit also contained this amazing Lumie clock, which wakes you up in a natural and gradual way. It also has options to be used as a dimmable bedside light which I have really utilised since I’ve had mine.


Kalms Night

Kalms Night and the One-A-Night product are traditional herbal medicinal products used for the temporary relief of sleep disturbances. These products contain Valerian Root. Always read the leaflet. Unlike some sleep remedies, Kalms Night will not leave you feeling drowsy the following day.


Do you have a bed time routine? What would you recommend?

Disclaimer: I received the #wakeupready kit from Kalms and the PJ set from Blackspade for the purpose of review. All opinions and thoughts are genuinely my own.

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