A Perfect Warm Welcome – Spruce Up Your Hallway With These 5 Ideas

Does your hallway look a little gloomy? Does it not give the warmest of welcomes to you and any guests who come to call? Well, you’re not alone! When it comes to restyling our homes, it’s usually the hallway that takes a back seat. Many of them lack natural lighting, or just serve as somewhere to kick our shoes off after a long day chasing the kids or slogging at the office. Our hallways bear the brunt of our muddy shoes, our discarded coats, soggy umbrellas and even the occasional paw print or two!


So how can your let your hallway live up to the rest of your home? Well, here you’ll find some helpful ideas of how you can make the entrance to your home give, the perfect welcome.


The flooring

Dirty old carpet? Scuffed and muddy lino? The flooring in our hallways takes a battering that’s for sure. After all, it’s the first line of defence before those muddy shoes are walked through the house, so it’s no surprise that it can look tired! To add a little style and class to your hallway, consider laminate or parquet flooring in a nice zig zag design, or go for something classical and lay some terrific tiles. Bright, bold flooring is an easy way to introduce both colour and light into your hallway. It’s a guaranteed and instant lift!


Make more room

Hallways are usually quite small and narrow in most homes. So it can be difficult to utilise the space and get rid of that “enclosed” feel. One way designers combat this is to give the illusion of space and light, you can do this by hanging a mirror at the other end of the hallway. By reflecting the light this will give you an instant spacious effect. It’s also handy for checking your reflection before you leave the house.


Pick up a paintbrush

If your budget won’t stretch too far, or you simply don’t want to spend a small fortune on your hallway, then consider picking up a paintbrush and giving the walls a little freshen up. Remember, people kick off their shoes and peel off their wet coats here, so not only will you make everything look brighter and cleaner, it also give the room a fresher, new scent.


Meet the family

Why not fill those bare walls with all those pictures you’ve had printed but never did anything with? Creating your very own mini exhibition is a really cute way to introduce guests to your family. You can mount the photographs in frames of any style or keep them all the same colour if you want to create a feature wall. Try not to make it too cluttered though! Keep the best photographs for the living room.


A pop of colour

Are the stairs located in your hallway? If so, why not ramp up your runner? Changing the runner on your stairs for something colourful and jazzy will instantly give your hallway a lift!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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