6 Top Tips For Improving Your Dating Profile

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There is quite the buzz around dating at this time of year. Perhaps it’s because the weather gets colder so people want to cuddle up with someone. Maybe it’s because Christmas is a time to share with loved ones, so most people want to share it with a special someone. Also, having a dating profile can seem quite scary. Whatever the reason for online dating, improving your dating profile can be a great way of giving yourself a bit of a boost ready for the New Year.


Don’t treat your profile like an autobiography

Yes – potential dates want to know about you. If you are stuck, you could ask a friend to help you write your profile who knows you well. You could also look at other profiles for inspiration, to see what other people are saying about themselves.

Do include your location

Including your location is important because they need to know where you are located from looking at your profile. Most people don’t like to waste their time. You/they may be looking for a location specific relationship, such as cornwall dating. If you are looking for something long distance, I’d also suggest stating this.

Update your photos

Up to date photos of you are definitely a good idea. You don’t want to accidentally catfish someone, do you? Include at least one full length photo. People don’t just want to see selfies on your dating profile.

Match your photos to your interests, if possible

If you have a favourite hobby or hobbies, or interests, try to showcase these in your photos. Do you play an instrument? Show this via your photos! Do you enjoy and partake in a certain sport? Again, show them! Honestly, people will find this so interesting and they will learn more about you from a photo.

Be yourself

Your dating profile needs to be unique, personal and interesting. You don’t need to try appeal to everyone. Write about who YOU really are. Instead of just using descriptive words for yourself, actually explain why you believe that e.g. if you’re adventurous, does this mean you have a sporting hobby? Go into those specific details. You want potential dates to be intrigued and be interested in learning more about you. If you are yourself via your dating profile, your date will look forward to meeting the real you.


Seeing a friendly smile shows how friendly and approachable someone is. That’s just how we are programmed as humans. So, try to use photos on your profile which show off your beautiful smile. P.s. I’d also advise avoiding the duck face.

Online dating is a bit like window shopping, you only stop and take notice when the item of clothing actually catches your eye. The world of online dating is fast-paced and you need to showcase your amazing personality via your dating profile. Kick start your dating life in the new year by jazzing up your dating profile, updating your information and adding new images. Good luck with updating your dating profile and for your dating adventure(s) in 2019!

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