6 Reasons To Exercise That You May Not Know Exist

Is your lifestyle making you feel guilty? One of the main reasons is a lack of exercise. Do you know the many reasons to exercise? We all know that we have to work out to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Burning calories keeps the pounds off and stops us from losing weight. In turn, this has huge impacts on cholesterol, blood pressure, and ageing. Ask anyone why they work out and they’ll probably respond with one, if not all, of the latter. Let’s face it – most of us don’t do it because it feels good! But, the benefits don’t stop there. People who exercise experience advantages ranging from longer life expectancy to a better night’s sleep. Yep, working out truly is that important. In fact, it is even more so because there are health benefits that a large percentage of the public don’t even know existed.


What on earth am I talking about? How could you go this long without understanding the full benefits of hitting the treadmill and pumping iron? Only you can answer that question. While you are, here are the hidden features you want to learn more about as reasons to exercise.


Better Posture

As an office worker or someone who sits down often, there is a 40% risk of dying within the next three years. Let’s be transparent and say that this study is predicated on 11 hours sitting every day. Doing it for a chunk of the working day is unhealthy yet it isn’t a death sentence. Phew! Still, relaxing in a chair can impact your posture. This is particularly true if there isn’t sufficient back support or it isn’t an orthopaedic seat. If you’re wondering how exercise helps, it’s due to the stretching aspect. Before jogging or lifting weights or whatever it is you do, there’s a requirement to warm up. Otherwise, there is a higher risk of injury. A daily stretch encourages great posture because it straightens the muscles and aligns the spine. Aside from working out, try to take breaks from sitting down by standing up tall.


Increased Ability To Learn

We are aware of the impact raising the heartbeat can have mental health. Stress, for example, is terrible as it increases emotions of anxiety and they can lead to depression. By releasing the tension, the pent-up feelings dissipate and the brain is happier and healthier. But, you may not know that exercise increases a person’s ability to absorb and retain information. The way it works is very simple. In layman’s terms, the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning (the hippocampus) shrinks with age. Because it atrophies, the ability to recall information reduces too. Working out allows people to maintain and increase the size of their hippocampus by increasing cell production. As a result, it is possible to fight the drawbacks of ageing. You don’t have to be of a certain generation either because studies show that a large HC helps regarding learning-based activities.



Resist Temptation

Life doesn’t always go to plan. Some people set out goals and then things take a turn for the worse. Addiction is a prime example. No one sets out to get hooked on substances yet it happens to millions of people worldwide. Thankfully, anyone who needs help can visit here and other health clinics for advice and inspiration. Even better, it is possible to use exercise to slowly but surely wean the body off the drugs. Although using methadone or something stronger sounds like a quick solution, working out replaces the old addiction for a new one. So, instead of having a cigarette or a drink you will go to the gym. Sure, right now this doesn’t seem appealing but plenty of addicts have used physical activity to their advantage in the past. And, it doesn’t have to be chemical-related. Workaholics constantly pump iron as a means of shutting off from the office.


Sounder Rest

Society as a whole is only beginning to realise the power of sleep. Resting is essential as it allows the body to energise and then come back and tackle the day head-on. Check out the video underneath to learn more. It’s from Joe Rogan’s podcast where he and a sleep specialist discuss the various reasons behind insomnia and other topics. One thing that you will notice by watching the clip and participating in exercise is how activity impacts rest. Quite simply, a heavy session will not only fatigue the body but the mind too. Therefore, going to the gym can result in a longer and a better quality of sleep. As the Doc points out below, quality is as vital as quantity. The impacts of seven to nine hours sleep a night range from improved mood to higher confidence levels to physiological effects. However, be wary of doing it immediately before bedtime. The research suggests doing it six hours prior to sleep.



More Rumpy Pumpy

One of the many reasons to exercise. Increased confidence doesn’t only affect the way you view yourself in the mirror. It doesn’t make you smile when you turn heads on the street, either. Higher confidence suggests that your sex life will take a turn for the better. Remember that jumping under the sheets is about feeling sexy. There are instinctual and physical factors, too, but usually, it comes down to how you feel at the time. By working out, the reflection in the mirror will look better and that will make you feel sexier. Also, more endorphins are roaming around the body giving you the horn!


Fewer Illnesses

Exercise doesn’t seem as if it would have an effect on the immune system but the studies imply otherwise. Regular workout routines have been proven tackle ailments such as the common cold, the flu, and hay fever. How? Exercise helps because it reduces cells, tissue and the vital organs in the body. As they aren’t mutating, there is less chance of a virus or bacteria having an adverse impact. If you need at least one reasons to exercise and get out of the house more, it should be this one.


Has this post made you think differently about exercise and the reasons to exercise?


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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