6 Must Know Car Tyre Tips

Your car tyres can be overlooked and cause major disruption or problems during your travels. You want your car to be as safe as possible, especially so when you have family or friends travelling in your car also. I’ve put together this list of six must know car tyre tips, which I hope you find to be helpful and useful.


Check your tyre pressure regularly

By checking the pressure of your tyres at least once a month, you will help to avoid putting yourself and your family, friends or other passengers at risk. Tyres can lose even more pressure than they would normally in cold weather conditions.


Flat tyres

Regularly check to see if your tyres are flat, or becoming flat. Monitoring this will help to keep your tyre health in check.


Over-inflated tyres

You may need to pump your tyres up for a number of reasons, but driving with over-inflated tyres can be just as bad for your car as having flat tyres (not to mention – dangerous). This means you cannot drive as safely because an over-inflated tyre may burst or break.


Mismatched tyres

Did you know, mismatched tyres can cause further issues with your car? I recently read that it’s recommended you buy at least two tyres together each time and put them on the rear of the car.


Winter tyres

As you will be aware, driving in snow and ice conditions can be extremely dangerous. Having the correct type of winter tyres fitted will help to avoid any potential issues in hazardous winter conditions, as they offer a better grip and can handle much colder temperatures.


Keep a spare tyre (or spares)

It’s important to keep a spare tyre as a back-up option, or multiple spare tyres if you are very organised! By preparing for a breakdown, with regards to your tyres, it will help to avoid any additional stress which could arise in these types of situations. Local centres make it easy to find and purchase tyres near your location, helping to save you time and money. I recently read online that, it’s recommended you buy at least two tyres together each time and put them on the rear of the car. For properly matched tyres, you should consider buying your car tyres in London or other locations from trusted tyre dealers at places like Point S.


Do you have any essential car tyre tips which I maybe haven’t mentioned? Let me know them via the comments!

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