5 Golden Fashion Tips For Jetsetter Travellers

There’s much to love about boarding a plane and seeing the world. The people, the sights, the smells, the food…it’s all so terrific! It’s no wonder that we all love to do it as much as possible. But remember: you’re not a fly on the wall, observing the rest of the world as it goes about its business; you’re one of the people bringing the energy too! And if you’re something of a fashionista, that means you want to ensure you’re always wearing the best clothes. Below, we take a look at five fashion tips that’ll ensure you always have the right item in your suitcase.

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Practicality Trumps Style

Of course, it’s important to look good, but that’s not going to be your primary concern when you’re on the road. Or, at least, it won’t be your primary concern all the time. If you’ve got a flight or a long coach journey, or you’re just planning on relaxing, then you should think in terms of practicality rather than the pieces that’ll turn heads. Travelling gives you a pass to wear things you wouldn’t usually wear out of doors back home: take it!


Dressing the Part

Travelling is all about new experiences, right? If you live a comfortable, usual life back home, then just through the course of travelling you’re going to find yourself in situations where you don’t have the right clothing. So instead of going without, plan ahead. If you’re going to a beach town in California or Australia, get ready for surfing – or at least look like you’re ready – by buying some Billabong clothing before you go. If you’re going to Southeast Asia, read up on some of the travel clothing you should take with you; it’s unlikely to be anything like you wear during your usual life!


One Item, Many Uses

Now, we imagine that, if it were up to you, you’d happily take your entire wardrobe with you when you travel. Alas, you can’t, so this is one of the fashion tips to ideally remember. We know it can be annoying to think: “I have the perfect item, it’s just sitting in my wardrobe back home,” but that’s just the way it goes. Instead, pack those items that can be worn for multiple occasions. It’s much better to take an item that can be worn during the day and night, rather than packing two items and taking up some much-needed makeup luggage space.



Own the Athleisure Clothing

If you’ve never heard of athleisure clothing before, then get ready: your world is about to change. This is those pieces of clothing that can be worn for exercise but are so darn trendy that you can also wear them socially. Take a few items: you’ll love wearing them when you’re on a long coach journey.


Accessory Cover-Ups

Finally, let’s talk about looking your best even when you feel anything but. It’s hard to look glamorous when you’ve got up at 6 am for a flight, or you’ve just finished travelling for 23 hours; this is where accessories are your friend. Have a pair of stellar sunglasses and a hat, and no-one will know what’s happening underneath!


Do you have any fashion tips to help those who enjoy travelling?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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