4 Ways To Make Money Online

Earning a bit of extra cash can sometimes be helpful, especially when an unexpected bill comes in. Many people look to make money online and I’m one of those people. I’ve decided to share the 4 main ways that I earn a little bit of extra money.

Swagbucks Banner


Swagbucks is actually a really great website, it’s improved so much since I first started using it – I used to find it far too confusing to navigate. You can convert your SB (SwagBucks) to a variety of vouchers including PayPal, Amazon, M&S and more! As well as an extension to install on your browser, they now also have a mobile app. I find the app really useful to use when laid on the sofa and watching TV, whilst completing a couple of surveys. Sign up to Swagbucks by visiting their website.


20 Cogs

This website requires quite a lot of time and effort but the payouts can actually be quite decent. I’ve earned £100+ so far from 20 Cogs. I’d suggest possibly signing up with an alternate email address and phone number, to avoid the marketing which comes from 20 Cogs. You have to complete 20 Cogs which are all relatively easy to do, before you can withdraw your money. Sign up to 20 Cogs by clicking here.




This app is one that you should only use with someone/people who you trust. Both you and another person can both get £5 each by getting them to sign up using your referral code. Once they’ve signed up, all you need to do is send them £25, they send it back and you will both instantly get £5 which can be withdrawn quickly to your bank account. The app is completely legitimate, I’ve done extensive research and it’s definitely not a scam. Sign up for Circle and download the app on your phone.


Short Term Loans

Although borrowing money is never ideal, sometimes life happens and you need money fast. There is plenty of information online about loans and you need to make sure you know exactly what you are borrowing and agreeing to. I would only look into short term loans if absolutely necessary, e.g. an important but unexpected bill. The process is usually straight forward and easy when applying for one.


Do you use any of these websites to make money online? Or do you use other apps or websites you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post. This blog post also contains affiliate links.

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