2017 Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Travelling and seeing different parts of the world are experiences which most people wish for. Many people will have a travel bucket list, with a variety of destinations on it which they would like to tick off – including myself.

When I was asked by Iglu Cruise if I would like to write a blog post all about my travel bucket list, I loved the idea. Even if I’ve visited somewhere previously, there is always so much more to see. This year so far I’ve travelled to Paris with my blogging bestie, Billie, mainly because we wanted to visit Disney Land Paris as adults. Of course I would love to¬†stay at Disney Land Paris¬†again (more on that below!), but I’ve also included places in my travel bucket list which I travelled to as a child and would like to see again as an adult.


Marmaris, Turkey

I’ve had two holidays in Turkey but I would still happily return as it is honestly such an amazing place – which is why I am including it in my travel bucket list. There’s so many brilliant things to do and places to see, I just particularly loved Marmaris the two times I’ve visited.



Paris, France

I’ve been to Paris on a few occasions now, but I would love to keep going back. It really is such a romantic city. I’ve visited Paris with family, with college and earlier this year with my best blogger pal Billie. There are still so many stunning parts of the city which I want to see.



Disney Land Paris

As mentioned at the start of this post, Billie and I booked a spontaneous(ish) trip to Disney Land Paris and visited in March. The weather was absolutely glorious during our visit, we were incredibly lucky to be honest. Later this year I’m going to start saving up for my next trip to Disney. I would also love to visit Disney World Florida, but I will need to save up for quite a long time.



Amsterdam, Netherlands

Last year I went to Amsterdam TWICE, because I enjoyed it so much the first time. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, be sure to pay the canals a visit as they are beautiful! (especially at night). Amsterdam is genuinely one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. It’s also a great place for any food lover, as there are so many delicious options.



Image: Iglu Cruise

A cruise to multiple (beautiful) destinations

An alternative option which I’ve always wanted to do is go on a cruise. I don’t enjoy flying at all, I find it to be such a stressful process. How stunning does this cruise look in the image? Offering a variety of options, Iglu Cruise have a variety of cruises, visiting a variety of amazing destinations.



I visited Tunisia with my family back in 2010 and I would absolutely love to go again. I thought it was so beautiful. As it was 7 years a go, I can’t remember a lot about the things I would like to go back and see.


Which places are on your ultimate travel bucket list? Leave yours in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with IgluCruise. All thoughts, opinions and images are genuinely my own - unless stated.

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